Nocturne Blondeshell now workin w/ De Lisle amps

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Nocturne Blondeshell now workin w/ De Lisle amps

Post  TAVO on Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:08 pm

Not much... Until early this last summer when I asked De Lisle amps ( you know Jer D. as MUGSY on the forum) if he would take over the responsibility of building the chassis for my Blondeshell 63' amps and he agreed to co-op with

if you want the long version of this story, read all about it on my blogsite here

If you havent heard about my Blondeshell amplifier, you can get the details at my website here

the short of it is that this amp is based on the Normal channel of a 63 blonde fender bassman but its not a clone blonde likes others out there, rather its built to sound and respond like a 50 yr old blonde amp does. The sum of its parts creates its tonal and textural recipe so that it feels and behaves like only a 63 blonde bassman does. Plus its got tube spring reverb that you can completely dial out of the amp circuit, its got an F-hole - Plank Switch, a jack for both 4ohm and 8ohm cabs, as well as bias test points and bias control for putting your own 6L6 based tubes in.

I'm very proud to now co-op with Jer of De Lisle amps to keep the
Nocturne Blondeshell amp going and looking forward to the new
Blondeshell 63' 1x15 combo soon.

Buzz Campbell rockn the blondeshell

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Post  mshehan on Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:55 pm

Holy crap - a 1x15 combo cheers I have no idea how I will afford one yet, but I have GOT to find a way. That would be NUTS!!! There MUST be a way! Glad to hear it!

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