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billy brain vs bass brain

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billy brain vs bass brain Empty billy brain vs bass brain

Post  sweetboy Sun Mar 17, 2013 4:39 pm

I've got the old billy brain (with the on/off switch) .
Is there any difference between this one, and the new bass brain?
I am using the brain with my king double bass.
thx for all advice...


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billy brain vs bass brain Empty Re: billy brain vs bass brain

Post  TAVO Tue Dec 17, 2013 4:19 am

That particular preamp has undergone many version changes since first starting out as an electric bass preamp. Shortly after its release I found that upright players were using it and I then wanted to make it a more versatile stompbox. The most current model is the same circuit but has been given a bigger sonic
floor resulting in a deeper low end and improved input impedance range for upright bassist to now plug directly into them as opposed to the first versions that needed an active piezo preamp on the instrument then running into the nocturne bass brain or having to run them in an effects loop.

The Bass brain still has the impedance switch but I moved to the bigger box to incorporate it into a double stomp..then when back to a single stomp with the switch in the same bigger box as it now had the
Bass cut.. That has been changed to a Treble Cut knob.
I'm testing out a small box version again now that I cant even get those original big boxes, so
The Bass Brain may find its final resting spot in a half size hammond box with dual stompers and treble cut. I like that because I can also use the Bass Brain as an acoustic guitar and banjo preamp, its extended impedance range works a treat for the active piezo pickup instruments

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