'03 Setzer Hotrod G6120SHB regal blue w/ Tvjones cst classics and tru-arc

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'03 Setzer Hotrod G6120SHB regal blue w/ Tvjones cst classics and tru-arc

Post  TAVO on Tue Aug 21, 2012 5:24 pm

need money to pay for the nashville roundup and recording..

here we have a '03 Setzer hotrod in regal blue, tonepost model with grover tuners. crap stock filtertrons have been replaced with tvjones custom classics. these have the open tops and light wax potting. I find it very hard to get them to feedback or have any microphony when used for roots rock or country, let alone when used my own pedals and amps.

This guitar came with the neck satin'd and a few little chips here and there. Other than the nice tvjones and sort of "Well worn" Tru-arc aluminum bridge, this baby is fantastic feeling with a set of 11g strings. Hardshell case and original gretsch shipping box included.
I used it for some demo vids for my nocturne brain pedals

I bought it for $1250 from rockabilly bob, add the pickups $250 and bridge... I want $1550 + shipping.

demo vid with the guitar employed here.. not about the guitar but rather a sTrymon flint vs a nocturne trem-o-flow, nocturne f-bomb reverb tank.. I dont think I had the nocturne dynobrain going.. ?? oh well,,ya


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Post  mshehan on Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:24 pm

Thats a total steal! My Hot Rod (with TV Classics) is one of my favorite guitars - maybe THE favorite as I think about it. Someone is going to get a great deal. I LOVE that guitar!

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