Tattoos anyone?

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Tattoos anyone? Empty Tattoos anyone?

Post  Pisol Pete on Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:23 pm

Tattoos anyone? P2290362Tattoos anyone? 163198_1582354471492_1014601578_31362922_218909_nTattoos anyone? 162718_1582354911503_1014601578_31362923_7053196_nTattoos anyone? 381159_2391916310032_1014601578_32235556_755909568_nTattoos anyone? 387195_2391929870371_1014601578_32235566_85816612_nTattoos anyone? 385061_2391925310257_1014601578_32235558_1992364253_nTattoos anyone? 317784_2391928150328_1014601578_32235565_1370239840_nTattoos anyone? 311733_2391920230130_1014601578_32235557_1819491287_n-1Tattoos anyone? 307142_2391926630290_1014601578_32235559_1178948397_nTattoos anyone? 269515_1986530175632_1014601578_31894767_3046936_n-1Tattoos anyone? 381686_2323816527580_1014601578_32208969_1591447495_n-1Tattoos anyone? 390946_2323856768586_1014601578_32208980_876226779_nTattoos anyone? 320772_2323855648558_1014601578_32208979_393699589_n

Pisol Pete

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Tattoos anyone? Empty Tattoos

Post  Tom E. on Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:19 am

The Nocturne one is really bad ass!!!
Tom E.
Tom E.

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