Nailhead....Good Choice!!!

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Nailhead....Good Choice!!! Empty Nailhead....Good Choice!!!

Post  mshehan on Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:51 pm

My Nailhead came in the mail yesterday, and I got a chance to test drive it last night. I'd say the Nailhead quite a deal...and a freaking sweet tremolo pedal. I have several amps laying around, but my primary reason for needing a tremolo was my Bassman (or Snake Charmer as I call it - 68 Bassman head and a '65 Cabinet - recovered in snakeskin toltex)

After playing with the Nailhead....I'll be using it in place of tremolo of all of my amps. It simply sounds better than the tremolo function in all of them. The tremolo in the Gibson GA-42RVT has always been a bit weak, but the Deluxe Reverb always sounded really good to me. The Nailhead blows it away though. Very clearly defined....just a sweet sound. I messed around with all sorts of trem speeds and was having a blast. Seems like a bargain for such a nice pedal!

Plus - the color and logo are sweet looking...and the pulsing LED...awesome!!

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